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About Us

About Us


Premium villas and flats for sale in Thrissur

Adora Homes, a prominent builder of premium villas and apartments in Thrissur with an uncompromising attitude towards quality and customer satisfaction , We put the customer’s viewpoint in mind right from choosing the location, preparing the floor plans, the parking arrangements, deciding on the amenities and facilities to the scheduling and completion of our projects. .we offers the finest gated community villas and premium flats in Thrissur that transforms your residence into a unique and distinctive living space.

Our Vision

Adora Homes aspires to be the definitive solution for those in search of high-quality flats and villas in Thrissur. Our unique approach distinguishes us from other firms, as we are dedicated to crafting architectural masterpieces that are not only comfortable, elegant, and stylish but also functional and technologically advanced. We eagerly welcome fresh ideas and innovations from both our clients and employees, which drive our on-going growth. Our team takes great pride in being part of our mission.

Our Mission

At Adora Homes, our mission is to deliver an unrivalled construction experience. Through the unwavering dedication and unity of our team, we bring to life premium 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats and villas. Our architectural excellence places a strong emphasis on both quality and comfortable living, exemplifying our commitment to the responsible and timely completion of projects. With a dedicated focus on Thrissur, we aspire to provide families with living spaces that are nothing short of exceptional.




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Why Invest With Adora?

We do these for you:

Moments of Unity

Meet the incredible individuals who make up our remarkable team. In this candid snapshot, our dedicated builders come together not only as a team but as a family. With each structure we raise, we build not only bricks and mortar but also bonds that stand the test of time. Our team's spirit resonates in every foundation we lay, every detail we craft, and every project we complete.

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Commitment to Quality Excellence

Since we firmly believe that "quality is the pride of workmanship," we will never stop working to provide our clients with high-quality goods and services. It is our policy to supply items that are free of defects and compliant with all regulations on schedule. To eliminate flaws, lower expenses, and boost value, we constantly strive to get better. Things of quality do not fear the passage of time, and quality is remembered long after the cost has been forgotten.

To establish quality standards, we run a variety of tests. The tests that are described below are run throughout various phases of work execution.

✤ Soil Test

✤ Cement Test

✤ Bend, Rebend and Yield Stress Test

✤ Slump Test of Concrete

✤ Compressive Strength Test

To investigate various soil features, such as safe bearing capacity for various strata at various depths. For the building, high-quality OPC and PPC cement with better test results and greater strength and durability is used. For construction, premium-brand TMT bars with increased strength and ductility, effective earthquake resistance, and positive test results are used. To Check the workability of concrete before placing slump test done.

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Pressure test -For plumbing

Our dedicated team ensures a streamlined process from start to finish, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Ponding test for water proofing

Ponding test - for water proofing

We conduct thorough inspections and tests to ensure that our products meet the highest standards.